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Kaisu Freight is a freight forwarding company with import and export qualifications registered and established by the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau, approved by the State Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and approved by the Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2013, an office and cargo distribution center was established in Shenzhen. The company's main business scope: FBA air and sea transportation, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS and other express services, as well as Malaysia and Thailand special lines, Philippines special lines, European and American air dispatch special lines.
Kaispeed Freight mainly faces customer groups: 1, FBA, EBAY, WISH, AliExpress and other e-commerce platform sellers; 2, overseas Chinese living, working, and studying abroad; 3, overseas independent e-commerce platform sellers; 4, Alibaba, Made in China, Global Sources and other BTB sellers.
The company's business personnel and operators have more than 10 years of experience in international logistics, and have rich experience in customs declaration, tax rebate, and customs clearance policies of various countries. Committed to providing customers with comprehensive and optimal transportation solutions, providing customers with the most professional logistics services.

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